Workshops and Classes

These workshops are ALL about bringing BALANCE to your BODY, Mind, WEighT & SPIRIT!

My workshops and classes include:

  • Family sessions
  • Group sessions

Practitioner: Susan Stephens

Individual session = 300+tax (2hrs)

1+ month mentorship package - $1500+tax (5 weeks)

3 month mentorship package - $3600+tax (12 weeks)

6 month mentorship package - $6800+tax (26 weeks)

Breakdown to Breakthrough Program = $4500+tax

(9 sessions, 9 modules & full day inner healing workshop & cooking class)

*modalities (with myself or other practitioners) include reiki, intuitive coaching, nutrition consults/live blood analysis, hair mineral analysis, distance reiki, meditation, breathwork, journey/ascension work, numerology and past life sessions

*possible workshops include: "How to Heal Yourself", "Breathwork & Energetic Alignment", "Conscious Communication", "Radical Self-Acceptance" and more...

My Workshops:

I have found out along my travels that you cannot address diet without addressing mind. The biggest reason I receive for WHY people can’t stick to a healthy eating plan is DUE to STRESS and IMBALANCE, approximately 90% of clients say this. So this class is designed to give you the tools to better deal with life’s ups and downs, to make the ride a little less bumpy and subsequently, make food choices, a little more easy! When I look at the blood, STRESS can have TWICE the negative impact that food has, so it seems RidiCuLous to ME to only FOCUS on EATING your veggieS, when our ultimate goal is to learn HOW to sTAY Calm, Cool & Collected! As they say in Chinese Medicinbce, we must nourish our heart, mind, and spirit.

In these classes, we will cover:

The Fundamentals of Nutrition – Digestion Digestion Digestion

  • Learn why stomach acid is first and foremost to proper digestion. Do you have enough?
  • Eliminate gas, bloating, weight gain, arthritis, depression, auto-immune conditions and a host of other conditions.
  • How to get Regular and Why is it SOOOO Important!
  • The BAsic Supplementation Probiotics, Fiber, Fish Oils Enzymes + OThers

Mini Cooking Class Lunch

  • 1 hr Cooking Class on Increasing ALKALINITY with diet. Learn DIPS, a vegetarian meal a simply DIVINE dessert
  • Take home recipes!!!
  • What to have in your kitchen to make EATING VEggies EASY!


  • Learn how to reduce stress instantly with Emotional Freedom Technique and Awareness
  • Discover that SELF-LOVE and SELF-WORTH is pre-requisite to a BALANCED WEIGHT, HEART MIND.
  • Learn how to make meditation easy!
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