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Liberated Living offers nutrition consultations, live blood cell microscopy, breakthrough coaching, reiki, Intuitive Counseling, raw food and vegetarian cooking classes as well as seminars for individuals and businesses.

Susan, the Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializes in overcoming addictions, negative recurrent patterns, depression and anxiety, teaching her clients to act from a place of love and not fear. Susan is also a Certified Personal Trainer, competitive athlete and Boston Marathon qualifier, which enables her to design cardio, strength & training programs for a variety of individuals with diverse goals.

My Services

Live Blood Analysis & Nutrition Consultation

Sexy blood. Sexy mind.

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Community Healing.

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Intuitive Counseling

Soul meet Spirit.

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Reiki & Energy

Get your Qi on!

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Gwen Nimeroski


Susan is not just a great nutritionist. Her real gift is the ability to sense where a person's emotional blockage is in their body- and help them become aware of it, tune into it, work through it, and ultimately release it. What could be more powerful than this?

Dyane Cooper


My first experience with Susan was one of comfort. She helped calm my fears and immediately went to work coming up with a plan to make me as healthy as possible before undergoing my cancer treatment.

Kit Gagnon


Talking to you was what I needed. Your hug and humour and understanding gave me something to hold on to that I needed that day. You have an amazing gift for what you're doing - so many of us need it!

Elsie Kuly


I met Susan a few months ago and was introduced to a lady who gave one of the best presentations on nutrition, and nutritional supplements that I've attended. Her knowledge base was enormous, She gave out samples to illustrate her talk. The green smoothies were excellent.


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